Tankless Water Heaters

rinnaReplacing your current water heater with a tankless model is smart for many reasons, not the least of which is comfort. A tankless water heater provides an endless supply of hot water, so there’s no need to stagger showers, baths or washing clothes or dishes.

Tankless technology meets with ENERGY STAR® requirements and can save as much as 40% on electricity as compared with a traditional tank. At 18.5” x 25” x 10”, the compact design is perfect for basements, attics or crawl spaces and can be wall-mounted inside or outside. Better still, the tankless water heater is good for the environment with lower CO2 emissions and recyclable parts, and every part can be replaced if needed rather than replacing the whole system.

Batchelor’s Service carries Rinnai, one of the top brands in the tankless category, and backs each product with our satisfaction guarantee.