Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Foundation problems are a nightmare for homeowners. The costs, labor, and anxiety of finding the right solution can cause a lot of stress. It jeopardizes your greatest asset and your family’s security. Gone unrepaired, it can mean the loss of your home.  If you are experiencing cracks in your foundation, it is time to take action.  Don’t let the problem get worse.  The longer you wait the more costly the repair will be. Fortunately, MDH Construction services has designed numerous solutions to save you from worry and permanently repair your home.

Identifying House Foundation Problems

The Basic Indoor Warning Signs

  • A door begins to jam or fails to latch.
  • Cracks appear in walls, especially over doorways, windows, or where walls meet ceilings.
  • Cracks open in vinyl or ceramic tile over a concrete floor.
  • Windows that used to open and close easily suddenly begin to stick or won’t close completely.

The Basic Outdoor Warning Signs

  • Gaps between bricks and windows
  • Sagging roof line
  • Gaps between bricks and windows
  • Cracks in the masonry

Check the Outside

Moving outside, check to see if your foundation is straight by sighting down the length of your foundation wall from each corner. The walls should be basically straight, both up and down and from side to side. Check for leaning walls with a level.A bulge or curve in either a block foundation or a poured concrete wall could signal that the foundation has shifted, or that the soil around your foundation may be expanding and contracting, putting pressure on walls.

Probe Concrete for Weakness

If your house has a poured perimeter foundation and the concrete appears to be chipping and flaking, poke it in a few places with a sturdy screwdriver. The concrete should be so hard that you can’t damage it.If you manage to chip it or break a piece off, the concrete could be deteriorating because the mix contained dirty or salty sand, or too much water. This problem, common in homes built in the early 1900s in some parts of the country, has no remedy short of a new foundation.

Checking Structural Components

Foundation systems have other members besides the perimeter foundation wall. In your basement or crawl space, look for posts and concrete supports, or piers. Posts should stand straight and be firmly planted underneath the beams they support. Bottoms of posts should rest firmly on concrete piers.

You shouldn’t find puddles or see framing that’s wet. Check for rot by probing wood posts with a screwdriver or awl.

Puddles and other signs of moisture in a crawl space may indicate poor drainage around the perimeter foundation. Be sure that gutters aren’t plugged, and that soil slopes away from the foundation at the rate of 6 inches for every 10 horizontal feet.

How MDH Can Help

Getting a Professional Opinion

A structural engineer from MDH can determine whether any of these warning signs point to normal settling or to structural damage.

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Helical piers

Helical piers work well for exterior foundation repair and interior slab repairs. Helical piers are useful for both new construction and as a repair method. Light-loaded areas, such as porch columns or structures with vinyl siding, are great matches for helical piers. Helical piers are the most versatile and used pier in the market.

Wall Anchors

It doesn’t matter what type of foundation you have – concrete, tile, or cinder block – this system will work with any material. The anchors can be installed quickly and they will be put deep in the earth in stable, load-bearing strata. After the anchor is in place, a plate will be attached inside of the basement on the damaged wall. Next, a metal rod will connect the plate to the anchor, and it can be tightened over time to provide the lateral pressure needed to push the tilting wall back up into an upright position. This is a far better alternative to wall replacement

Steel piers

Steel piers revolutionized the foundation repair process. The steel piers take less time and disturb less landscape than traditional concrete piers. Steel piers have progressed and have become more technical and data-driven to install.


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